Friday, 5 September 2014

Life with baby!

I promise I haven't disappeared forever, really!

Things here are going well. Button is 6 weeks old now, and we are slowly (very slowly!) learning how to juggle life and a baby, all in the midst of moving house! So we are currently living amidst a mess of boxes and craziness, because unpacking has to be done around nappy changing and feedings and burpings!

It's hectic, but this little face makes it worth it :)

I can't wait to get back into some crafting again, but first I have to find the boxes containing my things, and also find a way to put the baby down once in awhile. Button is not a fan of laying in the moses basket for more than a few minutes at a time, so I am learning how to do everything with a baby in one arm or the other. It is so tiring! Also it's surprising how heavy a 9ish pound baby can seem after carrying him around all day. Hopefully when he learns to grasp and play with things he'll be able to amuse himself for a bit longer so I can return to being somewhat productive, but at the moment he seems to only be happy in my arms!

As a side note, those burp cloths I made? SO useful! I wish I had made more than 5, because I use them so much. They are extremely useful for tucking into my bra when I'm feeding to avoid getting milk all over my shirt, and for slinging over my shoulder while I'm burping Button, and even for laying down under Button's head so that when he spits up in his moses basket (the few times he's tolerated being in it!) it gets absorbed and the mattress stays clean! I definitely recommend them as a baby shower gift (or just for yourself).

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