Friday, 4 July 2014

Turning Squares - FIUF

It's done! I LOVE how this one turned out. I decided in the end to use the leftover binding from my last quilt, because the colour matched perfectly, and also the spots sort of echoed the orange spotty giraffes that appear in some of the patchwork strips. I had a little trouble attaching the binding because of the way the fabric warped with the spiral - I had to unpick it in several spots and resew. But I think I'm slowly learning some patience. Also my walking foot came in the post today, which made the binding go on a bit more straight. Definitely going to be using that foot a lot!

It's just so colourful and fun! It's also incredibly snuggly and the perfect weight for a baby quilt. I used the same batting as in my last quilt - a cotton/bamboo blend, which I sadly am now running out of, so I'll have to get some more for my next project.

I'm debating bringing it to the hospital with us to bring Button home in, because I absolutely cannot wait to wrap him in this!

The full quilt top with the binding. Needs a bit of ironing on the binding, but I'm so pleased with it! Now I have to come up with a plan for the remaining fabric from this line. I'm tempted to make another the same as a gift, but I'll have to have a think first. :)

Another finish it up Friday success!


  1. Well done Tara! It looks fantastic and the ideal home-coming blanket for bubs! Great job with the spiral and I love the binding!

  2. This is Ellen from 15septemberarts.blogspot. com. Stopping by from FIUF. This is really a CUTE quilt. Your little one will love it

  3. Lovely quilting-you will love your walking foot too; makes a huge difference in the even feed of your fabric.