Thursday, 9 October 2014

Finally, crafting again!

So I promise I haven't disappeared forever. My little Button, who is now almost 11 weeks old (how time flies!) flat out refuses to nap, or sleep in any fashion, unless he is on my lap or next to me on the bed. Needless to say, this limits my crafting ability somewhat.

Button napping in my lap <3

I have some projects lined up, the main one being a picnic blanket for next spring for us to play on with Button. I was just really turned off by all the boring options out there, so hopefully will have more on that soon. 

My current project is a knitted one, as it's something I can do with limited arm movement, and usually even when the baby is napping with his head resting on one arm. So my first project after the hiatus is a froggy jumper! I got the pattern out of the Rowan Summer Baby book, but it's a jumper, so I figure fine for winter too :)

Here's the back of the jumper all done. Next up, the front and froggy! :D

And Button just woke up. To be continued!

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