Friday, 27 June 2014

Finish it up Friday!

Here is my finished quilt for Button! I didn't actually finish it today - as could possibly have been anticipated I got bored one night after work and finished the stippling, and then started on the binding. Please excuse the crazy expression, I stayed up a bit late to finish it off, and it was way past my bedtime (which, during pregnancy, has been about 10pm!)

I really love the orange binding pop on the front, and my little dark patch at the bottom, random though it is. I think it helps bring out the orange on the quilt itself. Oddly, I calculated the number of cm of binding I would need as 500cm (the quilt was 133 x 108cm plus a bit of wiggle room), and thought I had JUST enough to make the binding strips and even made them a bit smaller than I would have otherwise, I seem to have ended up with nearly twice the amount of binding strips I needed. I have no idea what happened. But better too much than too little! Only shame is that now I used up the remaining orange fabric for binding. I'm sure I'll find a use for it at some point!

I was surprised at how easy the binding process itself was, and even though I had to hand-sew the last side of the binding it went really quickly and I did it all in a few hours while cuddling up to my hubby while he watched football. I only poked him with the needle once, I swear!

Here's the back view so you can see the patchwork detail. It ended up lining up pretty well and I didn't have to chop off too much of the two coins on the edge.

All in all a pretty good job I think! I've just gotten my fabric for the pram-sized quilt now (another Riley Blake design - Giraffe Crossing!), but I've been threatened with divorce if I start it before my maternity leave (A knows me too well, and knows that I would finish it this weekend if I got going on it!). So instead I am perusing patterns to try and find a pattern that works. I'm not sure I can handle waiting until Tuesday to start, especially because I have today off while A is working, and I'm not really sure what to do with myself while watching trashy tv!


  1. Love your quilt. Stack coin quilts are so neat, and your binding couldn't be better,