Friday, 20 June 2014

Buttons, Baking and Babies

Hello! Welcome to my new blog, Buttons, Baking and Babies.

First off, a bit about me. I am a veterinary surgeon, originally from Connecticut, USA. I managed to get into the University of Edinburgh's vet college, and, while it was never my goal or intention, fell in absolute love with Edinburgh, and met a really fantastic man as well. To make a rather long story short, we had a low-key registry wedding for the purposes of allowing me to stay in the country after graduation, then had the whole big proper wedding exactly a year later at one of the most beautiful castles in Scotland - Dalhousie Castle! What a great day!

My husband and me!

Anyway. After many months of searching I finally landed an awesome first job down in near the Peak District of England. If you happen to be interested in animals or my exploits in vet school, or the lead up to this blog, feel free to check out my other blog 'From Auld Reekie to the Peaks'.

So, moving on. This blog will probably start off mostly about my crafting projects and possibly culinary exploits, but very quickly will probably become obsessively about babies. That is because....

This is me!

That picture was taken just last week! I am currently 35 weeks pregnant with our first child! Andrew, my wonderful husband, and I have nicknamed him 'Button' for while he is still a bump. I think A is a bit superstitious about announcing the name before he's born. Which leaves me at a bit of a loss cause that's the first thing everyone asks, and I have to say, well yes, we have a name, but I'm not telling you. So for now he is Button. I have a feeling this nickname will continue well into childhood, but that's okay cause it's a pretty cute nickname :)

Being so heavily pregnant, I've got exactly 5 days of work left before my maternity leave (yikes!), and I am notoriously bad at sitting and doing nothing. So I have got some projects lined up for when I'm on leave before Button arrives (and hopefully I'll find some time to craft when Button is sleeping, although I imagine at least in the beginning I'll be sleeping whenever he is sleeping! I'm not sure I'll be baking for awhile, but it's another thing I hope to get back into, especially as Button gets older (I am already excited about making birthday cakes, how sad is that?!

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