Wednesday, 9 July 2014

Lattices and Lillies - Part 2

So today I set about trying to figure out how to make the back of the quilt work, given that I hadn't really gotten enough fabric for the backing, which was originally going to be solid green with one lattice block in the corner. Because I had a few extra triangles, I decided to just make a row of blocks instead.

The colour of the back doesn't really show well here, it's a bit more of a blueish green than the weird olive-y colour it shows here. But anyway, after measuring that my quilt was around 41" square, I decided (to be safe) to make the backing about 43" square to give a bit of leeway. After constructing the blocks I still didn't have enough width, so added some 3" strips to either side, and then cut the remaining fabric in 2 segments, one about 8" and one about 24". So that should give me a backing that is slightly bigger than necessary, which is good, better too much than not enough!

I also had to decide what to do about the binding. Given the dimensions of my quilt, I calculated I needed about 172" of binding, plus a bit of extra, so 200". Ideally I'd have probably wanted to use either the lattice fabric or the backing fabric, but in typical me fashion, I cut too many strips for the lattice itself, which were too thin for binding, and wasn't left with enough. Fortunately, from the fat quarters I had a small strip of each left over, and managed to scrape together enough fabric. In fact, I probably have too much now. I think I have about 300" or so. I'm not sure how it'll look as well, might be too busy, but I'll have a play around with it before sewing it on. Otherwise I'll probably get an unrelated fabric in a matching colour.

My binding roll!

Now I just have to wait for the batting to arrive in the post so I can start quilting, because the leftovers from my last quilts are just a few inches too small! I feel like I spend half my time waiting for things to arrive in the post.

In other news, I'm getting seriously ready to have this baby now, especially now that Button is considered full term (yay!). Much as I love being pregnant (most of the time), I have forgotten what it's like to walk without waddling, or turn over in bed without grunting. I feel like a bit of a time bomb, and I'm just ready to experience labour, and have my life totally changed. I know I'll probably miss feeling Button kicking inside me (even though sometimes it hurts!), and knowing that my body is capable of such a miraculous and amazing thing, but I can't wait for the adventures that Button will bring!

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